Our Offerings:
- Iron Chef
- Masterpiece Painting
- Lip Dub (Make your own music video)
- Boat Building
- Giant Sand Creation
- Mystery Hunts (High and Low Tech)
- Soap Box Derby
- Mini Olympics
- Beach Olympics
- Mini Golf Extravaganza
- Tee Pee Village
- Mini Car Derby
- Chili Cook-Off
- Game Room Rental Equipment
- PVC Magic

- Corporate Picnics
- Charity Challenge
- Corporate Sport Tournaments

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Iron Chef  (Main Course or Dessert)

"BAM!" Iron Chef provides individuals with an opportunity to compete as teams and quasi chefs in a social atmosphere. Your Master of Ceremony energizes participants from a stage using an amplified sound system with upbeat music. 

Double pot propane stoves are supplied with all necessary preparation and cooking utensils.  Spices, oils, pastas, rice and many other non-perishable items are supplied (Perishable items must be supplied by the resort).  Teams are allotted 10 minutes to create a Chef's Special recipe.   Let the Creations Begin!  Teams have 1 hour to create their "Dish".  Selected judge's score best presentation and for the best tasting "Dish". 

The creativity for the preparation and presentation can be taken to new heights by incorporating leaves, flowers and a skill for imagination.  Each dish can be designated to be from a different region of the world (Asian, Italian, Mexican, Indian Etc) to ensure that all dishes are unique and follow a specific theme.

Team players are also equipped with plastic apron and paper hats to decorate.  Two Challenge Stations are provided for teams to compete during the cooking stage.  All the points are calculated to deem the first place team!  To add some spice the executive chef may be brought out for judging and quick critiques (hotel to supply chef).  The executive chef along with a small panel of experts will determine the overall winning team. An awards ceremony concludes your event with custom trophies awarded to each participant of the first place team.

Challenge Events Include
Tortilla Toss, Guess the Jelly Belly and Walk the Plank

Includes: Full Coordination and Facilitation, Set Up, Master of Ceremony, Professional Staff, Amplified Music and Microphone, Event Decorations, All Event Equipment, Double Pot Propane Burners, Custom Trophies (1st place participants), Chef Hats, All Cooking Utensils, Spices, Team Bandanas, Captain Packets, First Aid Kit, Tear Down