Our Offerings:
- Iron Chef
- Masterpiece Painting
- Lip Dub (Make your own music video)
- Boat Building
- Giant Sand Creation
- Mystery Hunts (High and Low Tech)
- Soap Box Derby
- Mini Olympics
- Beach Olympics
- Mini Golf Extravaganza
- Tee Pee Village
- Mini Car Derby
- Chili Cook-Off
- Game Room Rental Equipment
- PVC Magic

- Corporate Picnics
- Charity Challenge
- Corporate Sport Tournaments

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(NEW!)  Make Your Own Music Video
"I want my MTV!"  Join in the fun as teams are selected and given digital video cameras, CD players and are asked to randomly choose a popular song out of a hat.  After receiving detailed instructions, each team is on it's own to create the coolest "lip-dub" music video ever!  The choice of locations is endless.

Team captains are selected to act as Music Video Directors.  The goal is to have all team players perform within the video and Lip Synch one or many different parts of the song (see examples www.officelipdub.com). Teams drop off cameras and CD players after two hours, and the staff goes to work on editing these masterpieces together while overlaying the real music track over the video!  This process creates an illusion as if the team actually was singing the song - "Instant Music Video!"  An edited copy of each video is made available for viewing and awards that same evening.

Specifications (Viewing the following day):

Includes:  Full coordination and facilitation, Set up and tear down of event, Master of ceremony, All event equipment, Video cameras for use during even, CD player for use during event, Bandanas for team identification, Captain packets, All taxes and gratuities, On-Site editing services, Each participant receives a CD-R with their teams Music Video, Custom trophies for first place team