Our Offerings:
- Iron Chef
- Masterpiece Painting
- Lip Dub (Make your own music video)
- Boat Building
- Giant Sand Creation
- Mystery Hunts (High and Low Tech)
- Soap Box Derby
- Mini Olympics
- Beach Olympics
- Mini Golf Extravaganza
- Tee Pee Village
- Mini Car Derby
- Chili Cook-Off
- Game Room Rental Equipment
- PVC Magic

- Corporate Picnics
- Charity Challenge
- Corporate Sport Tournaments

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Masterpiece Painting

"Create a Giant Work of Art!" Master-Piece Painting is an event where teams paint giant puzzle pieces, which make up one 6ft by 6ft giant painting.  Your Master of Ceremony energizes participants from a stage using an amplified sound system with upbeat music.  A high-energy painters warm up starts off your event generating the right level of energy and attitude. Each team elects a team captain and a team name.  Team captains are relayed the schedule of events and event parameters in a short "Captains Meeting." 

The first stage is "Pencil Outline."  This stage is where participants copy the outline of a color proof onto a large canvas.  Each team is responsible for multiple color proof recreations.  The second stage of your event is the "Painting Stage."  Teams are allowed 1 hour and 15 minutes to recreate accurate painted canvases of the color proofs supplied. Teams need to communicate to each other so that the color and consistency flows from adjacent pieces.  The third stage is the called "Put it Together."  This is where each canvas is placed on a special devise, designed to bring all the pieces together for viewing.  This step creates one giant picture with continuity, and only at this step will your group fully see what they have painted. 

Teams are also asked to create a 2-minute long "Painters Cheer" that they will perform creatively and publicly to the opposing teams.  In addition, teams compete in a variety of quick challenge stations to gain extra points.  Masterpiece Painting ends with pre-selected individuals judge on consistency, quality and detail.  All the points are calculated to deem the first place team!  An awards ceremony concludes your event with custom trophies awarded to each participant of the first place team.  The final result may be displayed immediately after the event, a banquet hall - or just about anywhere.  In addition, the participating company can ship the final masterpieces to the headquarters or different offices for display.

Includes: Full Coordination and facilitation, Set Up, Master of Ceremony, Professional Staff, Amplified Music and Microphone, Event Decorations, All Event Equipment, All Painting Materials and Tools, Team Bandanas, Captain Packets, Custom Trophies (1st place participants), Generator (if necessary), First Aid Kit, Tear Down