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Mini Car Derby

"Join us in the Winners Circle!"  Mini Car Derby is designed to challenge minds to think outside the box, by using creativity, communication, and teamwork skills to create the ultimate 2-feet by 1-foot racecar with mascot!  Your Master of Ceremony energizes participants from a stage using an amplified sound system with upbeat music.  A high-energy warm up kicks off your event generating the right level of energy and attitude. Each team elects a team captain and a team name.  Team captains are relayed the schedule of events and event parameters in a short "Captains Meeting." 

The first stage of your event is the "Blueprint Stage."  Teams are allowed 15 minutes to create an accurate blueprint of their mini racecars, using the materials supplied.  The second stage is the "Building and Decorating Stage."  Participants have 1 hour and 15 minutes to complete construction and decoration of their "Mini Racing Car."  Each team station is equipped with a drill, tires, axels, plywood, 2 x 4's, a tool kit, screws, bolts and much more.  Circular saw cutting stations are staffed for teams to receive accurate woodwork.  A paint station is included for detailed artwork on each racecar.   Teams are also asked to create a car flag and a 2-minute long "Racers Cheer" that they will perform creatively and publicly to the opposing teams.  In addition, teams compete in a variety of quick challenge stations to gain extra points. The third stage is "Racing."  Mini Car Derby ends with each car and mascot racing down a steep ramp and a 40-foot racetrack for the gold in a grueling race between other racecars.  All the points are calculated to deem the first place team!  An awards ceremony concludes your event with custom trophies awarded to each participant of the first place team.  This program is suitable for both indoors and outdoors.

Includes: Full Coordination and Facilitation, Set Up, Ramping, Master of Ceremony, Professional Staff,  Circular Saw Cutting Stations, Paint Stations, Sewing Stations, Amplified Music and Microphone, Event Decorations, All Event Equipment, All Building Materials, Team Bandanas, Captain Packets, Captain's Jump Suit, Custom Trophies (1st place participants), Generator (if necessary), First Aid Kit, Tear Down