Our Offerings:
- Iron Chef
- Masterpiece Painting
- Lip Dub (Make your own music video)
- Boat Building
- Giant Sand Creation
- Mystery Hunts (High and Low Tech)
- Soap Box Derby
- Mini Olympics
- Beach Olympics
- Mini Golf Extravaganza
- Tee Pee Village
- Mini Car Derby
- Chili Cook-Off
- Game Room Rental Equipment
- PVC Magic

- Corporate Picnics
- Charity Challenge
- Corporate Sport Tournaments

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Tee Pee Village

"Put on your headdress and let's have a Pow Wow!"  Indian Village is the ideal event for bringing people together to express their visions, ideas and creativity, while creating a full size Tee Pee.  The event starts out with a tribal warm-up to generate the right level of energy and excitement.  Then tribes select a tribal chief and a tribal name.  Tribes are allotted 20 minutes to construct the frame of their Tee Pee.  Tribes then leave their Tee Pees for 1 hour to compete for points in a variety  of four themed events.  After the tribes complete all of the events, they return to their Tee Pee for completion. 

Here is where the vision casting begins.  Two paint stations are supplied for tribes to acquire and mix paints.  Tribal members have 40 minutes to communicate, brainstorm and decorate as a group their three different visions, which are then painted on the three separate panels of the tee pees.   The first vision is "where was our company in the past?" The second panel is "where is our company today?" and the third panel is "where is our company going in the future?" Only symbols may be used in the painted vision (no words).  The three visions decorate each Tee Pee.  In addition, tribes are asked to create, coordinate and publicly present a ninety-second chant, song or story to all the other tribes.  At the completion of the event, your company will have constructed an entire Indian Village with meaning and insight.  All Tee Pees are judged based on creativity, design and vision.  Points are calculated to determine the overall winning tribe. An awards ceremony concludes your event with custom Dream Catchers awarded to each participant of the first place team.

Includes: Full Coordination and Facilitation, Set Up, Master of Ceremony, Professional Staff, Amplified Music and Microphone, Event Decorations, All Event Equipment, All Building Materials and Tools, Paint Station, Team Bandanas, Captain Packets, Custom Trophies (1st place participants), Generator (if necessary), First Aid Kit, Tear Down.